Distinguishing between mere knowledge and true understanding is crucial. It's a common pitfall to collect information without grasping the essential distinction that sets apart those who aspire to improve their lives from those who actually succeed.

So, to truly elevate your life, strive not only for knowledge but also for deep understanding. This understanding will empower you to navigate the complexities of life, solve problems creatively, and ultimately achieve your aspirations.

Achieving your life goals involves letting go. When you surrender, you can see clearly what needs to be done and take action, focusing on one thing at a time.

Surrender doesn't mean you stop taking action or trying to achieve your goals. Instead, it adds a different energy to your actions. Surrender connects you with the source of your being. When your actions are infused with this connection, they become a joyful celebration of life, bringing you deeper into the present moment.

Troy's personal development journey took a significant turn when he encountered Bob Proctor's wisdom, specifically the idea that "If you can hold it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand." This profound statement deeply resonated with Troy, inspiring him to dive into Proctor's teachings with unwavering determination.

Troy realized that our material world is a direct manifestation of our thoughts and corresponding actions. He recognized that he was a reflection of his thoughts, serving as the driving force behind his identity at any given moment. As he continued his journey, Troy explored the teachings of luminaries like Robert Collier, Neville Goddard, James Allen, and Thomas Troward, mastering the art of conscious thinking.

Today, Troy stands as a living testament to the transformative power of mindset. He simplifies complex concepts, following in the footsteps of his mentor, Bob Proctor, to make them accessible to all. Troy emphasizes the principle of autosuggestion, demonstrating how repetitive positive affirmations can reprogram the mind, unleashing one's potential for personal growth.

Through his clear articulation and insightful teachings, Troy has become a guiding light for many, helping them understand the essence of mindset and empowering them to unlock their limitless potential for personal growth. His journey serves as proof that profound transformation is attainable for anyone willing to embark on this inspiring path.

Dolly Alessandra Mayenzet effortlessly blends heart-centered leadership with visionary entrepreneurship. As the soulful Co- founder of Elevitality, she stands as a testament to what is possible when passion meets purpose. Dolly's transformative educational journey, marked by her time at The Matrixx and her certification as a Consultant at The Proctor Gallagher Institute under the mentorship of the legendary Bob Proctor, has shaped her into a catalyst for positive change.

In her role as a devoted mother to two, Dolly weaves a tapestry of love and dedication, artfully balancing the demands of parenting with the drive of her business aspirations. Her personal quest for growth and self-awareness is relentless, and it is this inner fire that propels her to new heights. Dolly is akin to a modern mystic, whose stories of today's change-makers resonate with deep spiritual truths and the extraordinary capacity to manifest their deepest desires.

Dolly Alessandra is more than a mentor; she is a heartfelt guide whose profound impact resonates with those who are touched by her teachings. Engaging with Dolly is to journey through an odyssey of the heart, a transformative experience that leaves one forever changed. She is not just a luminary of our time but a warm embodiment of the wonder that unfolds when we dare to dream and manifest those dreams into reality.


Together, we are devoted to guiding individuals on a profound journey of transformation, renewal, and healing, driven by the power of personal development and inspirational heroic stories. We focus on reconnecting with our spiritual roots and calling, facilitating a profound change within us, even at the DNA level. Our mission is to leverage the collective wisdom of diverse stories to elevate and guide each person toward realizing their true potential and purpose.

FALL 2024 | 5 Days

Elevitality Retreat gives you a powerful chance to change and grow. It combines big dreams and a special journey of discovery. You'll dream big and see changes in your life right away. When the retreat is over, you'll have a fresh way of looking at things and be ready for a new life.


Elevitality Group Mentorship is a journey designed to help you change your beliefs and take action. Your dreams will remain dreams unless you overcome your fears and do something about them. We prioritize accountability and action to guide you toward your goals.


If you're not seeing the outcomes you desire, it's crucial to adjust your thoughts and beliefs. This is the key to transforming your mindset. Our daily study program is meant for anyone who's prepared to embrace change. By participating in our community and engaging in daily sessions, you'll begin to experience a transformation within yourself.

Each day, dedicate 30 minutes to studying and the remainder of your time to taking action towards your goals. Your journey towards personal growth will commence. Our principal teacher, Troy Chadwick, will be guiding you from Monday to Friday at 7 AM PST, helping you to internalize the principles.


Prepare to embark on an extraordinary odyssey through the realms of healing and transformation. "Circle of the One" beckons with its collection of 33 profound stories, where diverse authors lay bare their personal journeys of breakthroughs.

From the depths of struggle to the pinnacle of triumph, their narratives intertwine to form a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Open your heart, embrace the wisdom, and let these healing stories guide you on your own path of awakening.

We are currently accepting applications for authors to be in Volume 2.